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Cannabis has gone by a lot of different nicknames over the years. Bud, nug, grass, weed, pot, ganja, reefer, herb, chronic are just a few of the most common slang terms that come to mind. As the cannabis industry has evolved from an underground, illegal black market industry sold by sketchy dudes on street corners to a legitimately recognized form of natural, healing medicine, however, researchers and cannabis industry professionals have done a great job of breaking down the many unique aspects of the cannabis plant. marijuana for sale .

Types of marijuana flowers| shop marijuana flowers online.

Cannabis Sativa
This Cannabis plant develops a narrow leaf. It’s taller and less bushy, producing flowers that are less dense, longer, and more spear-like in shape. They often have wispy hairs.

Known to have a lower Cannabinoid content, Sativa is known for its cerebral, uplifting or energetic and focused effects.

Cannabis Indica

This classification of Cannabis plant has a wider leaf, and grows shorter and bushier, producing flowers that are denser and not as elongated. Known to have a higher Cannabinoid content, Indica often produces full body relaxation and can have calming effects.
cannabis indica

Hybrids produce flowers that can have qualities of either classification. Generally leaning towards one or the other for its predominant qualities and effects, Hybrids are considered to be the best of both worlds. Effects of Hybrids often vary, since their effects will depend on inherited traits from the parent strains. Ask your Co-op Cannabis advisor for help picking the right Hybrid strain for you.

Marijuana effects | marijuana flowers for sale| buying marijuana flowers.

Short-Term Effects
In low doses, marijuana produces:
  • Poor memory and ability to learn
  • Difficulty in thinking and solving problems
  • Poor muscle coordination and judgment
  • Short attention span
  • Dangerous driving behavior
  • Altered sense of time and space
  • Food cravings
In larger doses, marijuana produces:
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Poor memory
  • Not knowing where one is
  • Anxiety attacks or feelings of paranoia
  • Depression
Long-Term Effects

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