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When grown outside, Cannabis Sativa plants can reach extraordinary heights of up to 20 feet. They have vegetation periods that are much longer than their Indica cousins. It can take a Sativa plant anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature once it begins to flower.

On the other hand, Indica strains are generally known to be short and bushy coupled with sedating effects. The name, Indica sounds like “in the couch,” and this makes people remember it easily. The Indica leaf is generally fat unlike the narrow leaf of the Sativa strain. Indica originates from Nepal, Afghanistan, and in the Hindu Kush region of India.

Cannabis Sativa plants typically produce a yield that is much higher than that of Indica strains (3 ounces to 1 pound per plant), and this is because vegetation periods are so long. But when it comes to the percentage of THC, it is much lower than Indica on the average at around 12-16%. Most Landrace Sativa strains are often hard to grow indoors due to their long flowering period. For this reason, many Sativa plants often undergo cross-breeding with their Indica cousins to reduce their flowering time as well as their height thereby making their indoor growing feasible.

Sativa vs Indica Weed

It’s essential to be aware of the differences among cannabis strains when deciding on which to smoke. To fully understand the effects of Sativa, you need to be aware of the Indica marijuana species and Hybrids that are cultivated by combining different strains to obtain the benefits of their individual characteristics.
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