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What Are Live Diamonds?

buy THC Live Diamonds superior extracts online, Live diamonds are concentrates crafted from fresh-frozen live cannabis using the hydrocarbon extraction process. After extraction, the full spectrum cannabis oil is subjected to low heat and pressure. During this process, THCA molecules “crash out,” meaning the THCA interlocks together and separates from the other cannabis compounds. When this separation happens, the now-interlocked THCA molecules create a clear, crystal formation that looks like a diamond, lending the

Are Live Diamonds Strain Specific?

Live Diamonds on their own are not strain specific – it is the full spectrum terp sauce that provides these benefits. The terp sauce is made of cannabinoids and other plant compounds, extracted from either MÜV premium or Verano Reserve cultivars grown at the MÜV Cultivation. Diamonds will be showcased first in Verano Reserve Live Diamonds in Beach Cake and MÜV Live Diamonds in Modified Grapes.

Verano Reserve Beach Cake

Beach Cake is, fittingly, the child of two Florida-created strains. Triangle Kush, a potent indica with prominent notes of gas, was crossed with Florida Cake, an indica-hybrid with sweet notes, to form a powerhouse Verano Reserve cultivar. Deep purple emanates from the green bud, with deep orange hairs peeking out. While a new cultivar, Beach Cake has already become a staple strain for many MÜVers.


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