Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms


Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms is a Psilocybe Cubensis strain made popular in British Columbia. Its name describes how skinny and long these mushrooms are like the spiders they are named after, they typically have small caps and long stems. We believe this strain is a descendent of the popular Golden Teachers strain.

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Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms


Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms one of the most popular types of magic mushrooms, this strain originated in British Columbia and produced long stems similar to a daddy-long-legs spider. These can be used for spiritual journeys or provide intense visuals with fractal geometric shapes dancing through light & colour when taken at higher doses which some people may find overwhelming depending on their sensitivity level!

Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms is a great strain for spiritual journey experiences, visual stimulation, and euphoria. The long stems of this fungus make it perfect to use in meditations or rituals where one can focus on their sense of depth while traveling through time and space during the experience.

Taking a higher dose of Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms is not for everyone. When taking recreational doses, make sure to have someone monitoring your or your group’s safety. We do not recommend operating heavy machinery while on these drugs or consuming alcohol in addition to them; doing so may result in unpredictable side effects like feeling sicker than usual afterward (for example, nausea).

How potent is Daddy Long Legs? How should I dose it?

The Daddy Long Legs originated and cultivated in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. It gets its name from the long and thin stems featured much like a daddy long leg spider. This is a perfect strain for spiritual journey experiences, visual stimulation, potent euphoria, deep love and unity, deep vibration or “buzzing” felt throughout the body. If taken in high amounts individuals can experience astounding visuals that contain fractal geometric like shapes dancing through light and colour.

A higher dose is 1 gram+. When taking recreational doses please in sure to have a sober person or trip sitter to monitor the safety of individual or group partaking in consumption of magic mushrooms. We do not recommend operating heavy machinery, consume alcohol or other substances.

Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms have the classic shroom effects. Powerful visuals will cloud your vision as you see geometric shapes, a kaleidoscope of colors, and a breathing effect. You’ll feel complete euphoria as you find joy in everything big and small. On top of that, you’ll be tempted to reflect deeply within as you settle comfortably into the trip.

Taking Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

This strain is perfect for having a recreational experience. Anywhere is ideal, whether you head out into nature or stay at home. You’ll feel a deep sense of connection to everything and everyone around you. In nature, you will feel profound joy and a sense of awe with any landscape. At home, you’ll ease into a comfortable trip as everything becomes entertaining. Painting, writing, drawing, or playing an instrument will be an absolute joy. However, if you do go out in nature, be sure to take care. Never drive on magic mushrooms and always consume them at your destination. Remember to bring enough supplies for the trip, which can last up to six hours or more. Pack away your favorite snacks, a lot of water, and good vibes for the best experience.

Taking Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms Spiritually

Many people have found that Daddy Long Legs magic mushrooms have a deep spirituality in them. The reflective nature of these shrooms helps us reach an inner understanding. However, to have a spiritual trip, one must take a heavy dose and make preparations. That means that your mind and environment need to be ready. After all, having a meaningful experience requires you to be receptive. Your environment and mind play a significant role in that. First, you’ll want to prepare your setting. Most people use their homes, but anywhere that’s comfortable and familiar will work. You can make the room as relaxing as possible and a little stimulating with some music. It’s best to have one person with you who can look after you during the trip.
Preparing your mindset is much more complex than the setting. Your mindset is not something that can be easily manipulated. What you can do is take some off of work and clear your schedule. Having everything taken care of removes stress and anxiety from the mind.
You can also try and practice mindfulness in the days leading up to the trip. Just be sure to avoid having strong expectations, but do set intentions. Once you’re ready, all you need to do is eat your dose and let go.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

First, there are two types of mushrooms called shrooms. The kinds you cook with are usually cubed and fried in onions, garlic, olive oil, or coconut oil for cooking dishes like spaghetti sauce. The other type is hallucinogenic mushrooms–having psilocybin or active compounds of psilocybin that have long-term effects on behavior.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms have psychoactive properties. These psychoactive properties can induce feelings of euphoria, relaxed body, heavy limbs, increased appetite, visual alterations consisting of lights and shapes about which one has interaction.

The main effects of magic mushrooms are hallucinations and altered perception, but other effects may include increased heart rate, nausea, vomiting, relaxation, or feelings of great euphoria.

Pronounced psychogenic effects can manifest in many different forms, including perceptual distortion (e.g., objects appearing alive or moving), synesthesia (“hearing” colors or “seeing” sounds), disembodiment, but to name a few. These are classified into two broad categories- entoptic sensations, which reflect the architecture of one’s mind, and dystopian sensations, which result from interaction with the external world. Duration varies depending on the dosage taken; typically 6-8 hours following ingestion for insufflated doses while 10-12 hours for orally ingested doses.

How does Psilocybin aka Magic Mushrooms work?

Depending on the type of mushroom taken, a dose typically lasts around 3 to 8 hours. The effects usually start within 30 minutes and may include one or more of the following changes in mood: a heightened sense of well-being, emotional sensitivity, an altered state of mind. Psychedelic experience typically continues until declining awareness. Hallucinations may occur if a person has closed or covered eyes for a period during an otherwise normal trip. A person’s physical condition plays a role in how they might react to shrooms as some can exhibit adverse reactions such as nausea or panic episodes while others sometimes feel stimulated instead. Experienced users report that once outside influences are eliminated (metaphors), their experiences reveal unmediated insights about themselves.

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, an indole alkaloid that produces mood-changing effects. When ingested, it may create experiences of colors seen as brighter than before. Things distorted or twisted shapes into strange resemblances to original images, and sounds heard subside and become more intense.

Other side effects can include nausea, cramping in the abdomen, and perhaps headaches. And hallucinations-seeing kaleidoscopes of geometric patterns on surfaces with striking color contrasts at nightfall typically occur under the influence. It’s not always safe for someone to consume shrooms without somebody sober present who knows what they’re doing, so some considerations must be addressed first.

The chemical compounds in shrooms are thought to stimulate serotonin production in the brain, which is linked with emotional responses like aggression, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. The neurotransmitter functions as the key that fits into particular receptors on cells that allow for mood regulation, calmness, and happiness.


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